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We are a family-owned company with more than 40-years of experience and a tradition that is famous for its quality products that are made of various materials. Our roots go back to 1972, when we started with the production of drinking straws for Dojpak juices and quickly became one of the biggest manufacturers on the market of the former Yugoslavia. As Slovenia became independent, we started to venture out to western markets of the EU and the United States. We began with the production of various thermoplastics, diverse polyolefins and polyvinylchloride. Nowadays we are manufacturing reinforced hoses with textile braiding and hoses made of various technical materials (ETPV, TPV, TPU, TPO).


The long-term tradition and experience enriched us. They are also a reminder of our business vision – as a family-owned company, we feel a particular responsibility towards our clients, business partners and employees. We put particular effort into establishing long-term business relationships with all parties of the industrial process. The end-goal being high quality products and inovation, we invest heavily into tehnical solutions and employee training. We are devoting a special attention to the environment, for we recycle almost all of our waste. It is our belief that a satisfied customer is our greatest asset. Keeping that in mind, three generations of Zajc family have been, for 40 years, trying to fulfill your diverse requirements in a kind and professional manner.

Unique weaved plastic jewelery by a fashion designer Urša Zajc Knez, made with our PVC binder.

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